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>Dancho Dimkov

About The Speaker

Dancho Dimkov

Dancho Dimkov is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of BizzBee Solutions. But most of all, he is a growth enthusiast. He is simply inspired by growth. By the growth of people, companies, relations, or businesses. Putting his knowledge, energy, and curiosity in everything he does, he has had the opportunity to do just that throughout his career – make things grow. Dancho has helped organizations grow by building a business bridge to their ideal clients, entrepreneurs to build attractive businesses, and employees developing and improving their skills. He’s always eager for a new business adventure and deems a sport to think and do things in a different way, rather than a challenge. As a certified management consultant and a serial entrepreneur, he guides startups and businesses on the path to prosperity. But as the proud owner of BizzBee Solutions – a full-stack from concept to market growth solution provider, it is his duty. BizzBee combines multiple services into one robust solution, smoothing out the road to success. BizzBee is Dancho’s passion, but there is so much more. He is also a family man – a proud father of a 3-year-old. What’s his picture-perfect day? Travelling with his family while enjoying a delicious meal. Ultimately, it’s all about growth, attaining balance, and being present in all life areas.

Join us at Skopje Marketing Summit on 20/05/2021